Saturday, February 22


I dreamt of her the previous night, we were hitting it off really well and doing continuously nonchalant chatting~ 
There were totally no awkwardness between us, but it's kind of creepy and weird because it's a donkey past 

Haha and being the naive me I went to google about my dream, it turned out to be normal dreaming about someone in the past. The point is it doesn't mean anything though~~~ 

Just wondering how you are doing lately, and if everything is going alright for you, dear friend of mine. 
I'm doing fine over here, and probably you wouldn't know that I'm here writing this or maybe you seen it but not knowing that it's for you. HAHAHAHA~ :>

I admit I was reckless when I was young, but things changes constantly and people will grow up to be adult one day.

Looked back into my life,
There were regrets, but it's okay to have regrets. 
We made the choices at that moment anyway.
We just need to tell ourselves to be better than yesterday.

I've learnt a lot through my growing process and I hope you do, too. 

Miss you, x.

Wednesday, February 19

Grumpy day

Hi~ I know it's been really long since I last updated this space. (-cobwebs-) 

This probably shows how lazy I had turned into in between the past two years~~ :"< 
I wanna be better but I just can't find the right thing to push me through

Time flies, I've been working for almost 3 years.. But tell me why didn't I save any single cent yet?!?!
Just feeling angry and disappointed with myself~~~! >:(  

I just want to have a closure towards this post because I'm feeling moody these two days without apparent reasons and my neck down to my back is aching so badly, if anyone touch it now I guess it'll probably break.. 


Tuesday, November 12

It hurts to see someone you love, love someone else.

Hey guys, it's been really really long since I last updated my blog
The reason I'm blogging again because I chanced upon my blog few days back and
I think I could really use a blog to occupy some of my time instead of dazing away~~

Last year was pretty hectic for me.
I'm pretty busy with work last year which I'm not able to have any day off,
I got a new job in May 2013, which I'm able to get a day off every week.
Counting myself lucky as I did not had much break last year.

A really good news to share here,
I've decided to quit smoking, although I've been puffing one or two sticks nowadays.
But im pretty sure that I could totally get rid of the nicotine cravings in a few days time.

Reason(s) for me to quit smoking:

-It's unhealthy, yeah obviously it is
-I've been coughing really bad
-It's quite a waste of money and I'm not rich enough to support a pack or two cigarettes a day.
-I wanna save up the money for something useful and worthy instead.

That will be all for now, thanks for reading!